Montana Mountain Lion Adventures is owned by Scott and Jody Cargill.  Scott is a second generation outfitter who is following in the family trade.  At a young age Scott discovered his true passion was hunting mountain lions with dogs.  Over the last two decades Scott has honed his hunting skills working as a guide for his parents outfitting business as well as other operations around the state.   We began operating Montana Mountain Lion Adventures in 2015 when Scott obtained his outfitters license.  Scott still guides for other outfitters when not taking his own clients so he can work with his dogs as many days as possible.


In the off season from lion hunting Scott guides fishing trips (see our fishing tab) during the summer months.  We offer fishing trips on the famous Missouri and Madison rivers or if you prefer an experience with fewer people let us take you to our backyard; the Jefferson river.  Secluded creek fishing trips on private property as well as pond fishing are also available.  Montana rivers are known for their healthy trout population and spectacular scenery; make sure to bring your rod and camera to make the most of a trip.  No matter if you are a novice or expert, spin fisher or fly fisherman we can help you build the trip of a lifetime.


After fishing ends we roll right into archery and rifle season when Scott works as a guide with his parents at Iron Wheel Guest Ranch.   Then we are back to December; our favorite time of year at MMLA.  It’s lion season!  In his spare time Scott specializes in mountain lion taxidermy at our onsite taxidermy studio.


We love following our passion for providing great hunters with exceptional experiences of hunting the Montana mountain lion.  If you are ready to be our priority and would like more information, please send an email or give us a call; we would love to hear from you!


~Scott and Jody